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K-Line is designed to fit any size or shape field and a variety of crops and situations. For smaller projects, less than 4-5 acres, many of our dealerships have preconstructed three, four, and five-pod Farm Packs available. For larger situations, our dealerships and on-staff designers will work together to construct a customized design and materials list. 

K-Line is a low-cost, low-labor, low-operating-pressure irrigation solution designed specifically with the grass-based livestock producer in mind. However, after three decades of in-use success, K-Line has since proven itself as an excellent solution for other agricultural, residential, and commercial uses. Other K-Line applications include orchards, large yards, golf courses, sports fields, sod production, starting cash crops, cover crops, dust suppression for arenas and construction sites, and more.


K-Line is the simplest, low-tech, feasible irrigation solution on the market and can be designed to fit any field shape, terrain, or unique situation. K-Line is designed to fit each specific application site - not the site to the system. If “problem areas” within a field exist that need specific irrigation rates, K-Line can easily flex to those needs. Unlike other systems which are incapable of variable rate application, K-Line can be manipulated to apply more or less water, even to very small areas within a field.


K-Line Irrigation is your answer if you ever thought that feasible, efficient irrigation was impossible on a piece of property. Unlike many other irrigation systems, when you buy K-Line, it’s always yours – it can be easily relocated to other sites – an ideal system when grazing rented pasture.


  • Low-tech

  • Simple

  • Low-cost

  • Marginal labor requirement

  • Durable

  • Water application efficiency

  • Adaptable to nearly any site shape or terrain

  • Flexible application based on soil needs within a site

  • Low operating pressure requirement

  • Controlled infiltration, preventing runoff

  • Long-lasting

  • Outstanding UV & freeze resistance

  • Portable

K-Line Manual

Installation & Operation Manual


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