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Ground Training System

  • ORIGINAL Tuf Kaf  Flexi-Foam rubber

  • Realistic Look: anatomically correct

  • Realistic rope action

  • Durable, long lasting, & weather resistant

  • Solid roping platform: won't tip or slide

  • when roping or pulling slack

  • Weight: approx. 50 lbs: won't blow away

  • Portable: hay rack friendly

  • Correct head angle: running calf

  • Visualize a live calf every time you rope it

  • Same realistic feel as a live roping calf

Roping Dummy

Ground Training Sled

Sled Only 

GTS and sled  turquoise cleaned.webp

Pull behind sled trainer for unlimited practice on the horse.  One breakaway trainer with two functions.   Ladies & gentlemen, this IS the most professional breakaway roping training system that you've been waiting for.  Get the dummy that will mimic the look and feel of the calf your going to be roping at the rodeo. It is durable, has a realistic feel, anatomically correct, practical and affordable for the whole family.   

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